Convenience Store


Our goal is simple – we want your customers to choose your convenience store because of the hot beverages. The competition for coffee-on-the-go and other hot beverages is fierce, but customers can be loyal! The quality and freshness of your coffee may mean the difference between choosing your store, and choosing a store across the street. We create custom convenience store coffee programs that are tailored to your specific customer base, ensuring the right products for your customers, supported by the Ronnoco team, so your customers will drive out of their way for a fresh cup of Ronnoco.

C-Store Products

Customers in many C-store markets want product variety – and Ronnoco’s line of products for C-stores delivers:

  • Ronnoco Specialty Coffees – 100% Arabica Beans – Various types and flavors
  • Fresh Brewed Iced Tea – Various types and flavors
  • Cappuccinos – Various types and flavors
  • Creamers, flavored syrups, cups, stir sticks, packets
  • Machines and displays, such as creamer machines, cream and sugar dispensers, and pump displays

For more details on product offerings, please refer to our Convenience Store Catalog, email us or call us at 1-800-HAV-A-CUP.

C-Store Marketing

We want your Ronnoco Coffee bar to be the most attractive part of your store – enticing customers to enter your store because you sell the perfect cup of coffee. Our experienced marketing team will design customized promotions and point-of-sale materials to support your Ronnoco program. All marketing support is free to Ronnoco beverage solution customers.

Product Awareness

The quality of Ronnoco products is unparalleled, and we can help you showcase your coffee program to your customers. Examples of promotions include:

  • Seasonal cappuccino flavors
  • Featured coffees
  • Bundling offerings

Our marketing department can work with you to create custom product/ pricing bundles and pricing specials. Promotional examples include:

  • Coffee and a snack food
  • Coffee and a breakfast sandwich
  • Tea combo lunch special

Coffee Club

Encourage repeat business and reward customer loyalty with the Ronnoco Coffee Club Program. We can create a customized program for your C-store which includes:

  • Coffee club "punch" cards
  • Card display
  • Promotional signage

C-Store Service and Support

The best coffee, improperly brewed, isn’t going to taste like the best coffee – and your customers will go elsewhere. That’s why training on proper brewing techniques and monitoring coffee for freshness is critical to your bottom line. Our team of coffee experts will train your staff, as well as provide brewing and cleaning instructions – to ensure the perfect cup of coffee.

We can’t fix it if it isn’t broken. That’s why our team of service experts performs routine preventive maintenance on all Ronnoco equipment. In the rare instance when equipment does need service, we are available 24/7/365. All service calls are answered within 24 hours – and all service is free – that’s how much we love coffee.

To learn more about creating a custom beverage program for your C-store, email us or call us at 1-800-HAV-A-CUP.